Horrible at blogging

I am sure that we have noticed that I am horrible at keeping a blog, but please bear with me. Hopefully I will get better at it and it will be enjoyable for everyone to read. I know that my last blog said that I would have something up for pics for pets but that has not worked out to my liking yet, I am still working on that.. . . . .. In the meantime I dont think I can make this strictly an in my journey to becoming a photographer blog, just for the simple fact there is so much going on that doesnt have to do with me. So I figure that I can make this blog into a few different things.. That can range from pinterest, food, and other people. There are many things that I do find interesting, and would like to pass that information on. So everyone please bear with me when it comes to this as it is a whole new world to me and me sharing everything that is appropriate.


With further a due, I think that I can get this blog rolling now that I have come up with more I can talk about. There are many things still going on with school. Speaking of which; I received and email today about GPA and the graduation grant that I am getting, to sum it up I need to pull my gpa up in order to keep it. Lets hope come November 17th, 2012 that I will have a 2.5 GPA. Yes I know that is a low number but as I sit right now I have a 2.0gpa. Before your mouths completely drop to the floor let me clarify. . . . . . Classes go 5.5 weeks at a time; you take 2 classes at a time as well. Well my first set of classes was:MTH099 Basic Mathematics and ART1000 Introduction to the Visual Arts. I got a B in the math and a C in the art (I SWEAR THAT TEACHER HATED ME). Well come to find out that a B and a C equals a 2.0gpa. So I have to work my butt off get it above 2.5 and keep it there. The way things are looking as of right now in my 2 classes that end on the 17th I will have a B in math and an A in art, so that would bring up my gpa to 2.6,I then will be in the clear by just .1.That is a plus, now I really have to work my butt off and stick to it no matter how much I want to quit or throw my laptop due to assignments taking forever or just plain difficult.


Author: Melissa Wilcock

Melissa Wilcock attended The Art Institute nstitute of Pittsburgh Online Division. Melissa graduated in 2015 with an Associate in Photography. During school Melissa has attended many webinars and even presented in one. In her 2 years at the Art Institute she has become a member of two honor societies, one based on her academics and one based on her work. Outside of academics Melissa has images on different stock sites, and has entered different competitions. In one competition Melissa received an honorable mention in SHSS Magazine. Melissa can be reached by email melissawilcockphotography@gmail.com or on her Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/melissawilcockphotography Photography is like music, they both make people feel and see things come alive. Are you a music lover? If so you may be a photography lover. With that said I am a photographer that specializes in commercial and advertisement photography. I want to make your vison come alive and make the audience feel it. The commercial industry is so large there are endless possibilities where I can fit into. The outcome is that I expect to make money by selling my work alone or working for a company and creating work for them.

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