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I hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was hectic I have to say that. We ate at the house then I had to deliver some photos to a friend’s mom’s house since I thought it would be nice to save her gas (you know the stuff that is hella expensive).  The new job pshhhhh I freaking hate it!!!!1 I never knew how bad I did not like studio photography that is for sure! By policy you have to get 12 poses. . . . Lets just say that is HARD!!!! Espically since the camera does not dismount. I personally think that limits to what photos can be done.

As for school OMG where the hell does one find balance of being a mommy, a full time student, and employed? I would love some freaking tips on that one I am for sure. New classes: Digital Image Management and Transitional English, lets forecast my final grade. . . . . B in Digital Image and a C in English; I do not think that is toooooo bad. I am not to sure on the digital image class, so far in this first week I have to take 40 photos. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS TO DO WHEN YOUR BOSS DOES NOT LET YOU LEAVE WHEN YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO LEAVE WHILE IT IS LIGHT OUT?????? It is a fucking bitch I must say. One of the assignments was choose 4 themes. . . . Well I chose 4: Nature, Architect, People, and Close ups. I chose those 4 themes sine they can be very broad; but with an email from the teacher today, I think I may have to choose differently. I guess that my ideas about them does not go to well.

Here is how I was thinking:

Nature – I love taking photographs outside, there is so much beauty that a lot of people do not notice, to be honest some time ago I was one of those people. When I am outside and I have my camera with me I take the time to actually look at my surroundings.  When I find something that I love; the area, a tree, the colors, or the view (the list is endless) I have to take a photo so that I can try to show people how I am seeing things that they missed at the time. Nature can cover many things so the list is endless on what can be done when choosing that theme. With nature as a theme you can do landscapes, creeks, trees, animals, water, sky, clouds, fields, lakes, rivers, ponds, forests, swamps, rocks, caves, waterfalls, and so on. Like I said the list can be endless with such a broad theme.

Architect – I believe that this is another broad theme, granted I may be wrong and might have to try a different one. With that said, I think once again that this could cover many different types of buildings. To be honest this is going to be a little out of my element, as I have never really taken any photos of buildings. I live in a town where a lot of the original buildings that was built in the early 1900’s are still standing. I think that this will be a fun adventure as I love old buildings as well as new ones. I know that I will need to learn a lot more to fully know what I can photograph and still have the right classification.

People – Ahhhh such a huge spectrum on this theme as well. You can photograph from newborn to elderly. I take photos of my son literally 24/7 I love to take them as well. We go to parks a lot as well as walks and to the store. With just those places you can get a lot of photos of people doing many different things as well as catch many different emotions from the people. So with people you are also covering emotions and action from them. Emotion for example people smiling, being angry, sad, looking out of place, or extremely happy there are many emotions that you can catch on camera. Action for example walking down to the park and there are people playing basketball, swinging on a swing, going down the slide, or just walking.

Close ups – Let’s hope that I am right on this one as well. A close up theme I think would include many things.  I know that when most people hear close ups they think of people, well it is not just people in my case. A close up to me could be taking a close photo of something for example going into a furniture store I could take a photo of a couch but it’s really not the couch that I want, it is the fabric on the couch. More so a really close photo of a flower, a leaf, skin, someone’s eye, textures, or even the grain of wood. The list once again could be endless if I am correct on what I am thinking. Granted close ups could technically be considered as parts of nature or people.



O well I guess, I really hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday!


Here and There with a Tip

Today I had my finals for this semester, upon completing them I stumbled upon a post from school that I thought was interesting and seem like it would help out quite a bit. I am bad with balancing things and it is going to be even worse now – toddler, school, and now a job and do not let me forget adding a newsletter in and trying to keep up this blog lol…… all during the holidays. What am I getting myself into?!?!?!?!?! Anyway I might just have to take the advice of that post I read. I will post it here and post the link as well. I know that this is going to be a short one but since I did finish this semester a little earlier than I thought, I think I can put together the newsletter today and send it out to everyone…..OMFG!!!! I forgot to get everyone’s email addresses UHG – I think I need an assistant so I do not forget things like that. 

Ways to Relieve Stress While Balancing Your Studies with the Holidays

by The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division12 November 2012

Balancing studies with holiday preparations and activities can be difficult, especially if students have exams during these times. For some, the holidays are stressful without the added stress of studying for exams or getting a large final project turned in. While you may not be able to eliminate all of the stress, there are several ways to relieve the stress of each day.

Create a Schedule: Granted, your schedule is probably already packed, but if you make a time to deal with holiday preparations and organize the things you need to do, you will find it easier to deal with studying and holiday preparations.

Choose a time of day when you can concentrate only on holiday preparations. Depending on what you are doing for the holidays, you may need an hour per day for a week or two, or you may need a couple of hours for a couple of weeks.

Use the time you set aside on the first day to create a list. Break each item up into small steps. For example, if you are traveling, one thing on the list would be airplane tickets and another would be rental car.

Make a list of the people for whom you are purchasing gifts and sending cards. You can make two lists or make one with a notation “G” for gift and “C” for card. Use the time you set aside to shop. As you get each person done, check the person off the list. You’ll see the list dwindle as you get things done, and you’ll feel less stressed because you can see your progress. Plus, this ensures you won’t forget someone.

Fun: If you normally have time set aside to work out, jog, swim, work on hobbies or other activities, make sure you don’t cut into this time. Exercise or crafting is an excellent stress reliever. If you would feel better working out or jogging in the afternoon because classes and holiday planning stressed you too much to do anything else, move your “fun time” to the afternoon instead of the morning — just for the holiday season.

Friends: Be sure to set some time aside each week to get together with friends. If you normally study with your best friend, be sure you set aside time to hang out without the pressure of discussing school or holiday plans.

Break Away: You’ll find that with a schedule, lists and ensuring that you keep some time for yourself, you study for classes better and will probably take less time to retain the information since you won’t be as stressed out. And, though you may not see it now, you’ll find that you will have enough time in the day or week to accomplish everything you need to accomplish and will feel better for it.

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Yet Another Post of Me Trying……..

I think that we have come to the conclusion that I am so FAIL at keeping up with a blog, but I swear that I am trying to get the hang of it. I have so much that I can post about, but I can never seem to remember to post. I will get better at this I promise. I have some food that I have cooked and taken photos of as well as having the recipe for you if you are interested.

School is going pretty good I think, I still have an A in my art class and I am pulling up my grade in my math class. It’s coming to the end of semester, which is over November 17th. I have a worksheet left and a final test in math and in art I have an essay and a final.  Lots of studying that I need to do but I am having a bit of a time finding the time to study. I have to say that it is hard to manage school and a little one running around all the time.

I have come up with a new idea, rather a friend mentioned it but I just have to do it. It is a newsletter for my son and about my son. It will be about how he is progressing with everything since he is a bit behind. It will have what he likes, what he is learning and learned as well as what crafts that we do. I will also be including photos in the newsletter as well. I think it will be nice for family to know how things are going with him since we do not live close to a lot of family.

I am by all means not a professional photographer, which is why I am in school, I will post photos that I take, and I will admit I do edit some. I believe that I don’t over edit most of my photos, just enhance them a little bit. I like to have people see what I see when I took the photo. Some may be bright as I think that they look a ton better that way, most photos though may be of my son as I love photographing him at every chance that I get.

Today I had a job interview at Sears Photo Studio; I have the job as long as my background check comes back clean. I know that it will, but it is going to be a big change being away from the little one. I have a hard time juggling everything as is right now; I know this will be difficult.