Yet Another Post of Me Trying……..

I think that we have come to the conclusion that I am so FAIL at keeping up with a blog, but I swear that I am trying to get the hang of it. I have so much that I can post about, but I can never seem to remember to post. I will get better at this I promise. I have some food that I have cooked and taken photos of as well as having the recipe for you if you are interested.

School is going pretty good I think, I still have an A in my art class and I am pulling up my grade in my math class. It’s coming to the end of semester, which is over November 17th. I have a worksheet left and a final test in math and in art I have an essay and a final.  Lots of studying that I need to do but I am having a bit of a time finding the time to study. I have to say that it is hard to manage school and a little one running around all the time.

I have come up with a new idea, rather a friend mentioned it but I just have to do it. It is a newsletter for my son and about my son. It will be about how he is progressing with everything since he is a bit behind. It will have what he likes, what he is learning and learned as well as what crafts that we do. I will also be including photos in the newsletter as well. I think it will be nice for family to know how things are going with him since we do not live close to a lot of family.

I am by all means not a professional photographer, which is why I am in school, I will post photos that I take, and I will admit I do edit some. I believe that I don’t over edit most of my photos, just enhance them a little bit. I like to have people see what I see when I took the photo. Some may be bright as I think that they look a ton better that way, most photos though may be of my son as I love photographing him at every chance that I get.

Today I had a job interview at Sears Photo Studio; I have the job as long as my background check comes back clean. I know that it will, but it is going to be a big change being away from the little one. I have a hard time juggling everything as is right now; I know this will be difficult.


Author: Melissa Wilcock

Melissa Wilcock attended The Art Institute nstitute of Pittsburgh Online Division. Melissa graduated in 2015 with an Associate in Photography. During school Melissa has attended many webinars and even presented in one. In her 2 years at the Art Institute she has become a member of two honor societies, one based on her academics and one based on her work. Outside of academics Melissa has images on different stock sites, and has entered different competitions. In one competition Melissa received an honorable mention in SHSS Magazine. Melissa can be reached by email or on her Facebook fan page Photography is like music, they both make people feel and see things come alive. Are you a music lover? If so you may be a photography lover. With that said I am a photographer that specializes in commercial and advertisement photography. I want to make your vison come alive and make the audience feel it. The commercial industry is so large there are endless possibilities where I can fit into. The outcome is that I expect to make money by selling my work alone or working for a company and creating work for them.

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