I think that I should change the name of my blog!

There has been A LOT!!!!! That has happened since I had last posted on here. I must once again admit that I am horrible at keeping a blog, and honestly should probably give it up. Well on November 27th, 2012 we got the official diagnosis of Mr. Max being autistic. They rated him moderate to severe. Lets just simply say that we knew, but when the Dr. told us officially it hit me like a punch in the gut! There is so much that we need to learn for his sake so that we can protect him. The main thing that I was told was to treat him like a normal child, but that is hard when he is virtually non verbal and cannot do most things that other children his age can do. With that said I have been on many different sites, reading this and that; slowly learning things here and there.

Did you know that autistic children have a higher chance of having seizures???? I did not know that, so now that I do I have to know what to do and how to do things if they happen.

Did you know that an autistic child can do somethings that normal children cannot do (for example work a smartphone)? That is because they will learn something that they really like and enjoy. On our phones we have a page set up just for him he knows how to unlock the phones and the swipes to get to his page. He also knows how to exit the apps to get to a different one.

His new favorite app is Talking Tom2 when the dog pops the bag and the cat jumps up. He thinks that it is the funniest thing ever.

There are many apps on the android market that benefit him somehow…. I will get to a list at a later date on what we have…. I would like to know what apps you have found for your toddlers.

On a final note, for my final project I am going to do something that has to do with autism and my child… Hope that what I have in my head actually works out.