School, House, Autism, and Ranting

It has been such a busy time I must admit. With school, to still learning about autism, all the way to buying a house. Just here recently just finished my Principles of Digital Photography class with a B+. I have to admit that, that is not a bad grade. I was thinking that I would actually score lower. That class was a bit challenging for me and managed to push me past a comfort level. I now know that I am not the biggest fan of doing portrait photography. Over all it was good though, I did manage to learn a few things that I did not know before as well as learning how to do particular set ups better.

       In learning about autism, I have sort of found that I am at a standstill and taking each day at a day at a time. We have our ups and we have our downs. We have our likes and our dislikes. We have good therapy sessions and bad therapy sessions. Here recently we had a meeting for school. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY PUT KIDS IN SCHOOL AT 3 NOW!!!!!!! I was like omg I am not ready for him to be in school already. In this case he will be going to a special school that has smaller classes and more teachers to help with the class. Since Early Intervention stops therapy at the age three, he will be getting his therapy through school. Even though I know it will be good for him to be around other children, I am just not ready to part from him for long periods of time. I also know that he has separation issues and he might freak out for the whole time.  So there will be things that we will have to work one when it comes to the whole school thing. There are a few concerns that I have and they would go from: taking him away from what he knows to a totally new environment and people (which I know will cause a meltdown), him having separation anxiety really bad, him being miss-treated, him not being understood and him get really frustrated and mad. Those I have to admit are just a few things. We have been told that if is not working out, that we can just bring him to the school for his therapy. Which is a comforting thing to know that we have the different options with the whole school situation at 3.

       Plunging into buying a house. This has been the most exciting and stressful thing ever. It is contract for deed and have been living here since December 2012, and just not got to sign the contract. There are so many things that I want to do to the different rooms in the house. I have to admit that I have a honey-do-list….. The thing to that though is all he really needs to do is go out and buy the items for me to do the honey-do-list. I am hoping to post my progress though out the work, lets just see how well that goes. I think one of the most frustrating thing is that we have his mom living here to help pay for some of the stuff till our credit is good enough to go to the bank and get a loan. She is staying in a room that is huge, and at the other end of the house. The only thing that we have to share is the main bathroom and the kitchen, which is not really bad. It is just her almost constant bitching, if I ever had to give out advice about mother-in-laws living with you that advice is DO NOT DO IT!!!!! Even though it is helpful in our situation it is getting to the point that it is not worth it. I feel like she is trying to be my mom too…… we have to tell her where we are going and what we are doing ALL THE FUCKING TIME! It is rather annoying, and being able to parent is like non-existent. She over steps all of the time and it is not her place to, he is my child, he lives in my house, and she is just the grandparent. Also her extensive talking about random shit makes me think that she THINKS she knows about this that and the other. She is not a doctor (because my kid is rubbing his ears does not mean he has an ear infection, he’s only had 2 in his life)(because he is coughing, she says it sounds like there is fluid in his lungs it might be bronchitis he needs the dr…….. ooooop its just allergies!) That is just the beginning; it goes on about the house, therapy, disciplining my child, to cooking, and cleaning. It is like really just shut the fuck up already! When it comes to her I keep my mouth shut because I do not want to hurt her feelings, but sometimes I just cannot hold it in and blow up lol.

       In light of things this was a nice rant, I cannot wait to get things started on this house that I want to, we lit it up blue for Mr. Maxwell, we are buying a house, school is going good and a little man will be starting school here in the fall. Overall life is good, we are happy and enjoying it the best that we can. The thing that I have noticed that a lot of people forget, it is the little things in life that brings us joy. I remember last month Max ran outside our yard was a huge puddle, I was annoyed then I sat back and remembered that he has never played in a puddle and he was having fun. It was a mess to clean up but still, it is the little things to make the little one happy.