WoW…….  Who plays? Are their any moms that play? I have to say that this game is my addiction!!!  I do have to admit that even if I am on I am really not fully there.  I gotta say it’s hard to keep up gaming with a toddler, puppy, and school.
I started right when Lich King dropped. I just had to have me a death knight. Let me just say leveling some random ass toon just to get to where I could play a death knight was pure hell. I wanted that toon so bad I did it anyway.  I fell in love with my toon and lived on her. I went days with very little sleep. Junk food and blue full throttles was my life force! Sleep??? What was that? It was cat naps. I played, played, and played. That was my toon that was my niche. When they dropped achievements she was my achievement whore.

Funny thing….. I would get a behind everything cause I would take my breaks and quit WoW before and after the expansion dropped. My breaks varied in time length. When I would come back it was fuck my life what do I do?!?!

In my last break I decided to go to a different server….  This meant me not playing my DK, so what was I to make next? Since monks were the new thing I made a monk. Omg learning a new class was like a foreign language….  Shouldn’t bad for almost a year break huh…  Well let me just tell you when I strictly play something for so long I can’t get out of the mindset of that toon.

Guess what…..  I leveled this new toon all the way up, and guess what else I love this toon just as much. I have tried to steer away from achievements.  My DK is my achievement whore.  Well I went to get on my DK after such a long time….  I tried playing her like I play my monk.  I even tried to roll, and I did not recognize and of my spells… WTF???

My monk….  I do have to say I fucking love her xmog gear. It is literally amazing.  It I her second set of actual xmog gear.  I do have to say blood elfs are sexy toons. Searching for the perfect xmog gear is freaking ridiculous.

So what it is it that I do when I am on Wow? Well since I cannot really be on….  I farm my ass of. I actually find farming relaxing. Farming is my getaways sort of. Well it used to be, now it’s farm for a second get up and check, help, or play with my toddler when he is settled I can sit down again…. Then I am back up for the puppy feed, play, or take out….  Then it’s Max and pump not getting along…  Then there is my school work. Where do I find the time to play? It is extremely hard I must say.

Who all plays WoW? How much? What do you have on your plate? What do you like to do?


Sleep, migraines, and themes

My phone is at 32‰, little man decided that he had to have mommy’s phone since his nabi died.  The puppy is at the end of the bed on the floor half asleep.  The little one is spread out across the bed. Who knew that they took up so much room…  Duck Dynasty is on, I am too lazy to find something else. On top of all of the excitement mentioned……  I have a splitting ass migraine.  We decided to stop my medication for the migraines.  Due to recent events that have happened. All I can say is someone please give me some home remedies.

This is the first time that I have blogged from my phone and I seen a nifty option that said themes….  Omg I got super excited at seeing themes. What girl doesn’t love to have a pretty page?

I hear my little one snoring and it is lulling me to sleep, calling my name. My eyes are getting heavy and I could just drift away. 

Today is day one of sex, while TTC.  I do have to say that this will be interesting. People may think that this is just TMI, but you know what…..  If you don’t want to read it then leave my page right? I am gonna say I may not be able to go everyday for 23 days….  I bet halfway through I’ll be done.  Then onto the million pregnant tests.

30‰ and sleep is trying to pull me in even further, I don’t think I can fight much more……………..

Finally a page for my work up and running!

Finally I have made a page on Facebook to showcase my work. As of right now it is just for show. Later on I plan on using it to promote my business. With this page I am hoping to show my learning progress to becoming a professional photographer. Feel free to like and give CC. Hope y’all enjoy.

And here we go again……


What is wrong with me? I am only 26 years old; I am too young to have issues with getting pregnant. We had a positive test, we both seen the line saying positive. I had all of the signs of pregnancy. Then all of a sudden there were lots of negatives, and wham all of the blood. I was 5 days late as well. I have never been that late in my entire life!!!!! I mean EVER! After all of that, it has been decided that I do not take my migraine medication for a while to see if that has anything to do with the lack of getting pregnant.  Now we try for next time J We will see what happens.

With all of that aside…….

I have to say I think that we are hitting the terrible threes! Man for the past couple days Mr. Max has been at his worst! Like man o man all he has wanted to do is not listen to one thing being said. We have a new edition to our family. His name is Loki, he is a lab that is roughly 10 weeks old. He is the cutest little puppy ever. That little dog has been a blessing to us for Mr. Max, since we have had him we have noticed Max talking so much more. It is really refreshing to see. Max loves that little puppy like none other and here recently the first word that comes out of his mouth in the morning. I do have to admit that house breaking that puppy is one of the hardest things that I have tried to do.

And Mr. Max……..

Mr. Max loves school most days. His teacher is extremely nice as well. One of the things that they are working on at school is potty training. We have been working on that at home. I am pleased to say that Max has went without a pull up for most of the day yesterday and went to the potty 4 different times. That is with the aid of 2 cookies, chocolate, and last but not least a band-aid on his forehead. Today he only went once for a cookie. That’s all he would do today, which is okay, it is a work in progress. I am happy with what we have happen so far anyway.

Christmas time is early this year……..

          Yes I had to put my Christmas tree up super early this year. Normally it is put up after Thanksgiving. This year I just had to put it super early. So I did, come to find out half of the bulbs did not work so we had to go out and get a couple strands to get the tree lit up. Finally this week we got it all put together, but Mr. Max and Loki have kind of sort of taken all of the stuff off the bottom of the tree. It’s been rather frustrating I do have to say. So the bottom half of the tree is naked. With Christmas in the air, I have found a recipe on Pinterest that I just have to try out this year. I hope that I get to try these out. Pecan snow balls!!!!!! Don’t they sound delish? The recipe can be found here It does look rather simple to do. Lets just hope that I can find the time to make them.

Last but not least….. School…….

          School is going absloutly freaking AMAZING! My last class was Photo History I, I passed that class with an A. I am so happy that I was able to hold and keep an A throughout that class. It was actually not that easy and there was a lot of reading that I had to do. I do have to say that with that class requiring an actual textbook, I did not think I would be putting it to use. Well let me just say I put that thing to use like none other. I even got sticky notes so that I would not end up writing notes throughout the book.

Until next time, hopefully there will be some good news on the pregnancy aspect of things.Image

Loki’s first morning here, Max just had to go out at 6:30 in the morning to help with the puppy! Yes he is in minion house shoes and cars pj pants. (Photo Credit: Missy Norman(Me)) Was just try to get a quick pic of them together.

What is that saying…. All good things that come to those who wait? Is that how it goes?

What is that saying…. All good things that come to those who wait? Is that how it goes?

I have been waiting, trying, hoping, and praying(which I do not do) For what?
Well for another baby, we have been trying. It has been rough, with all bad in the end. There just has been no luck in the process. How about we say there has been a lot of money spent on tests over the months. Why is it so damn hard? I track, and seriously do some tracking. At times I have had up to four different tracking applications on my phone. I now only have two, it seems they are in sync this time around. Why more than one? Well, they could give different dates and information. That is good to take in to account when trying so damn hard.

People say “try, but don’t try” how in a sane world is that possible? It is not possible let me tell you. As a person that is trying you might think hey that is a good idea. Well it is hard when you are tracking when your next period is due. Just so that you can be prepared for when ‘flo’ happens. One never wants to be unprepared for that!!!! So in not actively trying I still tracked what was happening. According to my un-trusty app, I should be pregnant! I should be dammit!!!! What in the world is going on here? I even went as far as throwing my legs over my head!

Where am I sitting at now? Well let me tell you. I have had the obvious symptoms of pregnancy…. the constant eating, the emotions, the heartburn, and the nausea. Sounds like pregnant huh….. Well the tests say otherwise:( Even when I am sitting a day late, a test still said no. Hell even had sex thinking that would get it going since it is due….. Guess what that did not work either. So I suppose we will just wait. I may just get it in a few days. If I do I have to say MY BODY HATES ME!!!! My body is playing horrible evil tricks on me, making me get my hopes up and then turns around and stomps them right into the ground.

So we will just play this beautiful little horrible waiting game to see where  things go.

What apps do I use?

Sine I am a LOYAL android person my apps are My Calendar and P Tracker. Both apps are the lite version and free in the marketplace.