WoW…….  Who plays? Are their any moms that play? I have to say that this game is my addiction!!!  I do have to admit that even if I am on I am really not fully there.  I gotta say it’s hard to keep up gaming with a toddler, puppy, and school.
I started right when Lich King dropped. I just had to have me a death knight. Let me just say leveling some random ass toon just to get to where I could play a death knight was pure hell. I wanted that toon so bad I did it anyway.  I fell in love with my toon and lived on her. I went days with very little sleep. Junk food and blue full throttles was my life force! Sleep??? What was that? It was cat naps. I played, played, and played. That was my toon that was my niche. When they dropped achievements she was my achievement whore.

Funny thing….. I would get a behind everything cause I would take my breaks and quit WoW before and after the expansion dropped. My breaks varied in time length. When I would come back it was fuck my life what do I do?!?!

In my last break I decided to go to a different server….  This meant me not playing my DK, so what was I to make next? Since monks were the new thing I made a monk. Omg learning a new class was like a foreign language….  Shouldn’t bad for almost a year break huh…  Well let me just tell you when I strictly play something for so long I can’t get out of the mindset of that toon.

Guess what…..  I leveled this new toon all the way up, and guess what else I love this toon just as much. I have tried to steer away from achievements.  My DK is my achievement whore.  Well I went to get on my DK after such a long time….  I tried playing her like I play my monk.  I even tried to roll, and I did not recognize and of my spells… WTF???

My monk….  I do have to say I fucking love her xmog gear. It is literally amazing.  It I her second set of actual xmog gear.  I do have to say blood elfs are sexy toons. Searching for the perfect xmog gear is freaking ridiculous.

So what it is it that I do when I am on Wow? Well since I cannot really be on….  I farm my ass of. I actually find farming relaxing. Farming is my getaways sort of. Well it used to be, now it’s farm for a second get up and check, help, or play with my toddler when he is settled I can sit down again…. Then I am back up for the puppy feed, play, or take out….  Then it’s Max and pump not getting along…  Then there is my school work. Where do I find the time to play? It is extremely hard I must say.

Who all plays WoW? How much? What do you have on your plate? What do you like to do?


Author: Melissa Wilcock

Melissa Wilcock attended The Art Institute nstitute of Pittsburgh Online Division. Melissa graduated in 2015 with an Associate in Photography. During school Melissa has attended many webinars and even presented in one. In her 2 years at the Art Institute she has become a member of two honor societies, one based on her academics and one based on her work. Outside of academics Melissa has images on different stock sites, and has entered different competitions. In one competition Melissa received an honorable mention in SHSS Magazine. Melissa can be reached by email or on her Facebook fan page Photography is like music, they both make people feel and see things come alive. Are you a music lover? If so you may be a photography lover. With that said I am a photographer that specializes in commercial and advertisement photography. I want to make your vison come alive and make the audience feel it. The commercial industry is so large there are endless possibilities where I can fit into. The outcome is that I expect to make money by selling my work alone or working for a company and creating work for them.

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