Too much going on to give one name!

Puppy training!!!!!! Fuck my life that shit is HARD! I mean this puppy will do amazing at times then he turns around and goes in the house after everything is said and done outside. What gives? I think one of the bigger problems has to be that we are all impatient when it comes to this puppy. We want the change to be instant, when it is going to take time…. A LOT OF TIME! With that said it sucks.

On to bigger things…….

Thanksgiving was an eventful day. Little man decided he wanted to help an he ended up throwing all of the good white meat into the trash. Needless to say I was thankful for such a large turkey! The day went smoothly, everything was done on time, and nothing was burnt. It was good.

Throughout this past week things have come up……

1)      I am getting close to finals again. Color Management, I wonder what is in store….

2)      I have become a rep for Jewelry in Candles (buy from me people)

3)      I got more stocking stuffers for the little man.

4)      I have started my own photography page on Facebook (feel free to browse it)

5)      FINALLY got some printer ink for the printer.

I think the week has been pretty eventful, if I do say so myself.

I do have to say I am going to start posting all of my sites in my blog. There are a lot of them too. Feel free to connect, follow, and comment.


TTC and a NEW APP!

Another thing, we are still TTC, I have a new app on my phone called Ovuline, It tracks many different things. This app gives alerts, tells fertility score, cycle day, days till fertile window, days till a pregnancy test. There is also a chart; it is based off of what you put in as information such as sex, temp, cervical mucus, and so on. According to mine today, I need to take an ovulation test, my score is 5, I am on my 18th day of my cycle, 22 days till I am fertile again, and 7 days till I can test. I CANNOT WAIT TO TEST!!!!! When you scroll down in the app a bit there is more information like Cervical Fluid: You have reported cervical fluid that looks like water. It might be too early to look for changed in CF indicating you’ve conceived, but be patient and keep logging. It also tracks your symptoms and food.


For Thanksgiving I decided to ditch the traditional pumpkin pie. GASP!!!! I know. Everyone looked at me like I was fucking nuts. Well, I had found a pin on Pinterest. I just could not resist trying it. I had all ingredients on hand except the cake mix. What would you do spend the 1.00 on cake mix or the 10.00 on a premade pie? I know most will say pie, but hear me out please.  This cake is SOOOOOO much better than the pie and tastes so much better than the pie. I have found something to now have on Thanksgiving and Christmas for sure, and it is not pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Crunch Cake is to die for! I have to say that thing went super freaking quick. LIGHTENING FAST QUICK! You have your pumpkin in it, You still have the pumpkin part of the pie. Also with this thing you can add to it. If you decide to flip it out of the pan you can add a cheesecake layer to it! Here is the pin:


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