In light of new things,  I have found myself having tons of technology around me. At times I feel I function fine with all of it,  but then I find myself overwhelmed with it.  I have my tablet,  smartphone, iPod, and computer.  That’s a lot compared to some and then that is equal to others and considered little to the rest.  My thoughts go as follows, how the hell does one handle more? I know that I sure can’t. Don’t get me wrong,  I love my technology I am constantly on something.  Most days I find myself constantly listening to my ipod. Most of the time with one sing on repeat….  I just cannot et enough of some songs!!!!!  What do I use everything for???? Well here’s a breakdown……

Tablet –  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 – I have a new found love for this thing.  Even though it is still new,  and I am still learning it.  As of right now it’s basic function is to aid me in writing my papers for school.  How? I use office suit and type up things for my papers while on photo shoots. Honestly Sometimes I have half of my paper done by the ice I am done shooting,  all thanks to breaks.

The net, I get tired of sitting and looking at my computer constantly…..  This thing has seriously made me mobile again. The plus my phone battery doesn’t die as fast since I’m not constantly on it.  The screen is bigger.

Emailing and social media….. That’s a given.

Then my all time favorite……  Reading all of my digital books on a bigger screen all thanks to moon reader pro.

Phone –  Samsung Galaxy S3 –  I am in love with my phone.  I use it for everything!!!!! Before I got my tablet I used it for even more.  Now that I no longer read on it,  what do I do?  Well I do my scheduling,  Facebook, I have my alarms,  and I download music. I really don’t do much huh. While I am out and about I still do the net when I need to.  Before I got my ipod,  I listened to music on here….  Man am I glad to have been able to free up 16 gigs of space. 

Ipod –  Music, music, music, and more music…..  Do I need to say more?