The last in splashing water

The last in splashing water

This is the third and last image that I did of splashing water. It is virtually the same as the first one, but totally different at the same time. I love the first one the best.


Introduction to Photojournalism

In having this class a part of the curriculum at AIO. I have to say that, that class was extremely interesting and informative. When I think about the place that I ultimately want to be,  photojournalism is a path that I want to follow closely,  as well as learn the ins and outs. In the 5.5 weeks of this class,  I just got a taste of the beginning. I understand the basics of it when it comes to editing…..  By no means add anything to the image or remove something from the image. My question is,  what is considered too much editing of an image for under the Photojournalism classification? Obviously it depends on where you are shooting the images for.  I get that you have to follow their guidelines as well as the code of ethics for photojournalism. But in getting into that world what can one really do to the image and have it right?

In Introduction to Photojournalism our guidelines were do not add or take out.  Personally in most cases with images I think it is best to leave the “flaws” it helps to tell the story of what is happening and the subject.  The final was over a course of weeks for this class.  We would work on piece by piece of the final.  With that I went with photographing an artist at work.  My artist was airbrushing a painting for an upcoming gallery.  Even though I did not add or remove things in the image,  I did color correct by adjusting the different sliders for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows,  blacks,  and whites. I used the Claire slider and adjusted the clarity of the image. Was that crossing the lines? I do not know,  but I want to know.  So the search begins,  I tried looking before,  but I found no real answer to my question. Once my final is graded I hope to post it up for all to see.  I welcome all criticism, it will help me lean on my journey to being a photographer.

Till the next time 🙂