Bloodmoon in October


I went out this month to shoot the Bloodmoon. Man I do have to say that was tough! I wanted my sleep. As we get older we want our sleep. What is with that, can I turn back time and be young again? Please??? No!! Well Since that is not possible, I will move on. This image was taken around 3:30am Central time. Beautiful! Now with this image I do have to say it is the only one I got to turn out right! The rest were out of focus, so the actual BLOODMOON I did not get to capture. Granted it would not have been as impressive as this. It was so much smaller.

An image from Portraiture.


Here is one of the images from a shoot of mine. I had to take this for an assignment. He is one of my best models. I have a blast shooting him! The setting was done on my front porch.