It is totally heartbreaking when ones images get stolen.  They were watermarked and everything.  Well not everything.  The person pulled them off of Facebook and removed my logo. I obviously had it in the worst spot possible.

With that said u have mixed emotions last night.  I had thoughts of removing my Facebook page. Then I realized I was proud of my work. I did not want to take it down.  I then came up with the conclusion that I would implement my new watermark and make sure my images were a a lower resolution.

In that thought I removed most of the images that were deemed super stealable and quite frankly saleable. I went into Lightroom added my new logo right smack to the middle of my image and exported the image at a low resolution.

My Facebook page now has images uploaded into albums!!! So it is better organized.  Thank God! It was such a mess before.  I swear this time when an image gets taken they will have one heck of a time removing this logo.  I do feel bad that it is right smack there in your face, but I can now see who and why the people that do it.  The ones that  have not had images stolen just do not understand and hopefully will not have to. In any case hopefully they will not complain too bad that the watermark is there for a reason and understand why..


The Fault in Our Stars!!!!!

What most do not know about me is that I am an avid reader. I love love love books! In most cases I would say who doesn’t love books, but I have met a few. As for books I have a huge collection, and with this one I had intended on reading the book before the movie. However that did not happen as planned.

So today I started and finished a book.  I’ve seen the movie tons of times and have been listening to some of the soundtrack thanks to the movie. While reading the book I hopped on YouTube and found a video of the soundtrack. Now I cannot tell you how many times it played, but I can say I started the book after 11am, took a long nap maybe 3 hours, and finished the book about 9pm. Fast huh?

About the book, it is utterly and completely amazing.  Aside from the cancer factors it was a truly beautiful love story.  Only to be loved like that!!!!! Even though I seen the movie tons of times and cried everytime, the book made me cry harder and longer. With the abrupt end I would have loved to have seen the letter Augustus wrote, that would have been beautiful to have seen what Hazel did.

Now I have been told I did not need to read the book as the movie covered everything and followed along well. I have to say those people lied! You need to read the book as it is the same EVERYTHING happens I’d a totally different order.