FORCE… Something I don’t want to do.

My mind has been full of all this creativity.  I was planning on doing a blog today about a new background I am working on with materials I had around the house. However something has been said that Peter Griffin says grinds my gears overcomes the need for my creativity.

I welcome all ideas from people, however, because you associate with me it does not mean you all of a sudden become a creative. It does not mean that you are a photographer.  It does not mean that you know my work and how I work.  It does not mean you know what will work as a prop and so on.  With that said I still appreciate the ideas.  Some of the ideas are good however some are actually bad and they will not work.

Now what grinds my gears…..
It is not like I am not trying here.  I am I really really am.  I am still in school. I put my work out there.  I have my Facebook fan page, my blog, and my website. I even have my work on three different stock sites. It does get discouraging when my work is not being bought.

It is assumed that I am able to force out images. I mean as a general photographer yes they pump out images. I can too when it comes to working with people.  However that is not my speciality. I cannot force creativity.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Finished Images

  As all have seen I got creative last night with items on hand and made props for Valentine’s Day. My finished product is amazing in my eyes.  However I may be biased due to it is my son.  He was so ready to come this morning up bright and early!!! I however just wanted to sleep. 


  The image is edited with a preset cslled velvet butter, it is for Lightroom from The Coffeeshop Blog . I did some tweaking to it as well.

Check Coffeeshop Blog for her amazing presets! She regularly updates.
To see more of the images from this set hop over to my Facebook page Missy Norman photography

Creativity at its finest!!!…. Pre-Shoot

  Okay ladies and gentlemen here is one for you.  Mr. M (my son) has a Valentine’s party tomorrow. I am so excited, I picked out his clothes and everything. Granted even though he is 4 and hates my camera I asked if I can take pictures of him tomorrow.  I am so shocked at the amazing “YES” that came out of his mouth.

  With me being thrilled about Mr. M saying yes I remembered all of this stuff I have had for a couple of years.  I waited and waited for him to go to sleep so I could hope into my “studio” and see what I could do. I thought about what I had did for Christmas and did the same thing, simplicity is best.  I had the Styrofoam hearts on sticks I took them off and poked holes through them, then strung fishing line through them with some hot glue.


  These are possible and fun props.  The one on the far left was from a garland. I sat while watching Elementary picking all the hearts off. My hopes are having him thow and or blow it.  I did a pre test, it’s super easy to pick up. The middle, not sure my plans with those, the are extra Styrofoam hearts. Last but not least is a heart box.


  And…..  A selfie of me after all said and done with this.  Not realizing how late it was when I finished working.


As a photographer we must….

     As a photographer, mom, and student my life is insanely hectic!!! Just the mom part will make that one happen.  So I beg to ask these few questions. I have asked before and to no avail has one of them been answered. I think I am to my point of begging….  Okay, not yet to the point of begging, but I am truly curious.

     How do you carry your camera with your purse? (I of course have my huge purse, but it’s got toys and every thing under the sun in it.) I don’t want to carry my purse and then my camera bag with my camera and lenses in it with the random odds and ins…


     Okay on the topic of camera bags, what is your absolute favorite? This is for the girls I don’t want something that screams I’m a camera bag steal me!!! At the same time has room for purse items??

     Now I ask because currently I always leave my camera at home because I don’t want to carry my camera bag and purse.  When I am put and about I refuse to leave it in the car even if the car is locked.  You never know what will happen.