Q&A with Missy Norman of Missy Norman Photography (Self)

In this session I will do Q&A. There are quite a few questions so I figured I would do three questions per. This way one will not get too tired of reading everything in one post.

If you my readers have any questions that you want me to get to please feel free to ask them.

What kind of gear do you use?

Camera body –

Lens –

Tripod –

Filters –

Flash –

Camera bag –

Mention others, if any

This is a big question. My camera body is a Nikon D3200. I plan on upgrading and using this as a backup. I currently have three lenses in my possession, I really want more. The lenses I have are Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm, Nikon Nikkor 50-200mm, and a Sigma 70-300mm. Currently I do not know the brand of my tripod, I am rough with them and have been though two so far. The only filter that I use on my lenses is a protective UV filter. If I by chance drop my camera I want some kind of protection on my lens. I have a portable Polaroid flash that I hardly use, however I carry it at all times as a precaution. I prefer my strobes when shooting. My camera bag is an oversized purse with a protective camera case inside. As for other gear, there are strobes, continuous lighting, gel filters for the strobes, soft boxes and umbrellas. The list is really endless here.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

For me to learn to take better images I go with trial and error, I learn from my mistakes and know what to do better. Beforehand I study up on what it is I am going to shoot if I do not know how to already shoot it.

What experience do you have in this photography field?

The experience that I have in the photography field includes having my associates, and having my business for 2 years. I also watch a lot of tutorials and read a lot of photography articles.