It has been busy!

It has so hard to keep up with myself let alone with my family.  I have even let my work slide a bit.  With everything going on I think that I can. Right?

So here is my update: I went to the derm.  Full melanoma, and I will be having surgery on that spot or area in the beginning of October. Then they will do scans and body checks for more. 

Back xray: Clear
Back MRI: Herniated discs, bulging discs, a torn disc and one sitting on my s1 root nerve.  How’s them apples? Insane right?  I never thought in my right mind I round r rt have that kind of back problem.  However I go to physical therapy two to three times a week.  The awesome part about it is…..  I am in a swimming pool. 

Among all of this Mr. M has started back to school and he has hated the transition. He also hated his teacher at first.  I am still not fond of her.