I want to wish my readers old and new a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I have to say I am extremely excited that it is over as tomorrow the real fun begins.  Mr. M and I will be setting up our Christmas tree.  He had been waiting for that for a while. Christmas is his favorite and it does not help Walmart already has the It trees out. 

I hope that everyone has had a great time with their kiddos this Halloween. This year Mr. M has hit the jackpot with the candy (no he’s not going to eat all of that). We had two days of trick or treating where I live.  This is just from the first night. Then the last photo is from is tonight. Aren’t we just awesome and he makes the best shark! 





Jewelry Sneak Peaks.

I have been working with this amazing woman. She is a seller on Esty, she makes jewelry. She has ventured out to have me shoot her jewelry. This is now the third set I have shot for her. It is such an amazing experience working for and with her. I get to come up with new shooting ideas and think outside the box and I get to rattle her box as well. I would say not the typical employee/employer experience. That is what we get for being out own CREATIVE BOSSES!

Her work is unique to her. Some say it is the same and you can find it anywhere. I have to say that is far from the truth. You cannot, she makes it and it is her designs and each piece is made by her. I sometimes have to wait a while for a piece that she wants me to shoot because she has to make it. That is the beautiful thing about handcrafted jewelry. No two pieces are exact.

Her shop can be found here: Toad’s Lily Pond

My fan page can be found here: MissyNormanPhotography

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Picture Day

The dreaded picture day happened at school again this year. For some reason the school does not learn and they continue  to use Lifetouch. The images come out blurry and soft. Maybe that is the photog in me? Maybe not? I am not sure if there have been other non photographers that have noticed it or not. It bugs the living daylights out of me. Then there is the fact that the school wants you to go ahead and buy the images before hand. You do not know what you are going to get in those photos. Are you going to get food on the face? Marker on the shirt? a funky smile? Glue in the hair? YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW! Yet they want you to go ahead and buy them blindly. I went ahead and took Mr. M’s photos before I sent him off to school. Mr. M

Feel free to check out the rest of the images from his shoot on my fan page: MissyNormanPhotography

Skin, Cancer, Removal, More? Pain…..

The title says it all. I do have to say that I have not been very open on my public Facebook for all to see about this. I do not want the pity, the OH GOD I AM SO SORRY, the fake I am here for yous. There are only a few who mean it. I figured out I share here because there is like literally no one reads my blog lol.


Yesterday I went in and had the first spot removed got stitches on the inside and on the outside. Thankfully they numbed the area, but they did not numb so well I still felt it a bit. I tried to tell them. I kind of feel like a sewn up gutted fish. So I am glad that it was on my back. As I still have to run the house I pose a huge risk of ripping these damn stitches. YAY ME! I feel the pulls in most of the movements, the bending, moving my arms, and such. Why does it have to be in such an awkward place?! I’ll live,  I think I need to throw my own pity party right now while I sit here in annoying pain. They said oh take Tylenol you will be okay, it will not hurt bad. I am sitting here thinking you just cut me open gutted me, stitched inside and out. It is not going to hurt bad? That makes literally no sense in my mind. Does it yours?

Of course word gets around quick. My father calls. I talk to him for a few minutes tell him about all of it, he even tells me they should have given something more than take Tylenol for at least a couple days after. I talk to him about how I might change doctors because I feel disconnected with mine. If you have ever felt that with a doctor you will understand if not I hope you never do. Its like they do not care and you are just dismissed. I found out that since I do not need to be in the sun, that I should be taking Vitamin D supplements from a friend, FROM A FRIEND! not my Dr. Not the person that is supposed to be looking after me. This friend even is in the sun and does not get enough, so imaging my lack there of. How insane is that?

In two weeks I get stitches removed, and more results read. Then in two months I get my first body check.