A Photography Cheat Sheet……


Who doesn’t love a great cheat sheet??? I know that I do, even though I am a photographer, it is great to have on hand when you have one of those moments and forget one of the littlest things. It is also amazing that is so colorful.

I give all credit of this amazing cheat sheet to Migul Tatco.


A Wonderful Site……With FREEBIES!

So there is a wonderful site that I check out regularly. This site shows the how to achieve the look that they did in the images with their edits. I am a big lightroom user, so I love the many different freebies that they make and share for lightroom and photoshop. The CoffeeShop blog is an amazing for the new to photoshop or lightroom users, even the advanced users. I would say that I fully fully fully recommend this site for usage.

CoffeeShop Blog

Her work is amazing, I highly recommend to check her work out.

Update On What is Going On With Me…..

So here lately I have not been able to really shoot. For a while now, I have been having some major back problems. The problems have been going on for about two years, just last year they started getting a lot worse. I went through tons of X-rays, and MRIs. I went through a couple of different doctors, physical therapists and then finally back specialists,and backs surgeons. They came to the conclusions that I have Degenerative Disc Disease also known as DDD. IT IS HELL!!!!!!! The interesting thing that has been said is that the discs will fix themselves. From everything that I haveĀ  read is that it will never go away, it will just get worse. Also apparently I am a little young to have these issues happening.

Now the different back doctors, they have said that surgery will just make it worse in the long run. I do not know how much worse can it be? Well those lovely doctors have me on a couple different medications in hopes of them working and that be that.

I am already ready for it to be over. I do not care how, but I am done.

A Creatives Most Cherished Items?!?!?!?!

So I have figured that every creative person has something that they obsess about when it comes to their creativity and the workings of their processes. When it comes to mine, I obsess about MY NOTEBOOK! I have this little 5×9 brown leather notebook that has everything photography in it. I have my blog ideas, checklists, log in information for various sites, and well I could go on. That little notebook is literally like my bible, well alongsideĀ  my agenda book that everything throughout the day gets written in. Without these items, I would be so lost. All of the information that I have gathered would be gone forever.


So I ask all of you that are creatives that read this blog, what is your most cherished items?


Stock Sites

Every photographer really needs a good stock site. I have a huge ever growing list of stock sites that I use on a regular basis. I had a brilliant idea to share them. I know most probably has most of these sites under their belt, but you never know. I would really love to see if there are any sites that people are using that I have not managed to come across yet.

And here we go………….














And there we have it. A wonderful list of stock sites that I use. I hope that everyone will enjoy and give some feedback and their own stock sites that are not listed here, please share them with me.