Catching Up

Coming out of June with all of the photo a day challenges. Sadly I did not get to partake in those challenges. I so wish that I was able to partake in them. The back issue that I am having, I would not wish on any photographer. I want to be able to hold my camera again, I want to be able to shoot and make props again. My equipment is sitting here and getting super lonely, it may hit a depression state here soon. Lets hope I can suck it up and manage to use it for a quick product shoot here soon.

So during the month of June I started vaping pretty much full time. Every once in a while I will smoke a cigarette, there is something about that five minutes of pure chemicals that can be relaxing. Thankfully it is not often and it is amazing when I do not smoke, I just need to stop having those moments of weakness.

We got a new swimming pool in June as well, Mr. M is in total love with it. We are in the pool every day as long as it is not raining and storming. Some days we are in upwards to four hours. How amazing is that he is Autistic and learning to swim. It has been a long time coming. In two days of swimming he can swim under the water. It melts my heart that he can do that, I am so proud of him. So much I cannot express. The water feels amazing to me as well, I am weightless and my back is not hurting as much. Floating is totally amazing.

Everything is pretty much going amazing and home life is getting back to simplicity. We have been looking into homesteading and becoming self sufficient. We are slowly getting there. I can say that it is rather amazing. I wish that this year we would have been able to start our garden and using that to supplement a lot of our food, but next year that will happen. We already have eliminated a lot of paper waste by switching to family cloth, reusable menstrual pads and tampons. We have cloth napkins now as well. I have no idea what is next for us on moving to the self sustaining life.

It has been busy!

It has so hard to keep up with myself let alone with my family.  I have even let my work slide a bit.  With everything going on I think that I can. Right?

So here is my update: I went to the derm.  Full melanoma, and I will be having surgery on that spot or area in the beginning of October. Then they will do scans and body checks for more. 

Back xray: Clear
Back MRI: Herniated discs, bulging discs, a torn disc and one sitting on my s1 root nerve.  How’s them apples? Insane right?  I never thought in my right mind I round r rt have that kind of back problem.  However I go to physical therapy two to three times a week.  The awesome part about it is…..  I am in a swimming pool. 

Among all of this Mr. M has started back to school and he has hated the transition. He also hated his teacher at first.  I am still not fond of her.

And here we go again……


What is wrong with me? I am only 26 years old; I am too young to have issues with getting pregnant. We had a positive test, we both seen the line saying positive. I had all of the signs of pregnancy. Then all of a sudden there were lots of negatives, and wham all of the blood. I was 5 days late as well. I have never been that late in my entire life!!!!! I mean EVER! After all of that, it has been decided that I do not take my migraine medication for a while to see if that has anything to do with the lack of getting pregnant.  Now we try for next time J We will see what happens.

With all of that aside…….

I have to say I think that we are hitting the terrible threes! Man for the past couple days Mr. Max has been at his worst! Like man o man all he has wanted to do is not listen to one thing being said. We have a new edition to our family. His name is Loki, he is a lab that is roughly 10 weeks old. He is the cutest little puppy ever. That little dog has been a blessing to us for Mr. Max, since we have had him we have noticed Max talking so much more. It is really refreshing to see. Max loves that little puppy like none other and here recently the first word that comes out of his mouth in the morning. I do have to admit that house breaking that puppy is one of the hardest things that I have tried to do.

And Mr. Max……..

Mr. Max loves school most days. His teacher is extremely nice as well. One of the things that they are working on at school is potty training. We have been working on that at home. I am pleased to say that Max has went without a pull up for most of the day yesterday and went to the potty 4 different times. That is with the aid of 2 cookies, chocolate, and last but not least a band-aid on his forehead. Today he only went once for a cookie. That’s all he would do today, which is okay, it is a work in progress. I am happy with what we have happen so far anyway.

Christmas time is early this year……..

          Yes I had to put my Christmas tree up super early this year. Normally it is put up after Thanksgiving. This year I just had to put it super early. So I did, come to find out half of the bulbs did not work so we had to go out and get a couple strands to get the tree lit up. Finally this week we got it all put together, but Mr. Max and Loki have kind of sort of taken all of the stuff off the bottom of the tree. It’s been rather frustrating I do have to say. So the bottom half of the tree is naked. With Christmas in the air, I have found a recipe on Pinterest that I just have to try out this year. I hope that I get to try these out. Pecan snow balls!!!!!! Don’t they sound delish? The recipe can be found here It does look rather simple to do. Lets just hope that I can find the time to make them.

Last but not least….. School…….

          School is going absloutly freaking AMAZING! My last class was Photo History I, I passed that class with an A. I am so happy that I was able to hold and keep an A throughout that class. It was actually not that easy and there was a lot of reading that I had to do. I do have to say that with that class requiring an actual textbook, I did not think I would be putting it to use. Well let me just say I put that thing to use like none other. I even got sticky notes so that I would not end up writing notes throughout the book.

Until next time, hopefully there will be some good news on the pregnancy aspect of things.Image

Loki’s first morning here, Max just had to go out at 6:30 in the morning to help with the puppy! Yes he is in minion house shoes and cars pj pants. (Photo Credit: Missy Norman(Me)) Was just try to get a quick pic of them together.

School, House, Autism, and Ranting

It has been such a busy time I must admit. With school, to still learning about autism, all the way to buying a house. Just here recently just finished my Principles of Digital Photography class with a B+. I have to admit that, that is not a bad grade. I was thinking that I would actually score lower. That class was a bit challenging for me and managed to push me past a comfort level. I now know that I am not the biggest fan of doing portrait photography. Over all it was good though, I did manage to learn a few things that I did not know before as well as learning how to do particular set ups better.

       In learning about autism, I have sort of found that I am at a standstill and taking each day at a day at a time. We have our ups and we have our downs. We have our likes and our dislikes. We have good therapy sessions and bad therapy sessions. Here recently we had a meeting for school. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY PUT KIDS IN SCHOOL AT 3 NOW!!!!!!! I was like omg I am not ready for him to be in school already. In this case he will be going to a special school that has smaller classes and more teachers to help with the class. Since Early Intervention stops therapy at the age three, he will be getting his therapy through school. Even though I know it will be good for him to be around other children, I am just not ready to part from him for long periods of time. I also know that he has separation issues and he might freak out for the whole time.  So there will be things that we will have to work one when it comes to the whole school thing. There are a few concerns that I have and they would go from: taking him away from what he knows to a totally new environment and people (which I know will cause a meltdown), him having separation anxiety really bad, him being miss-treated, him not being understood and him get really frustrated and mad. Those I have to admit are just a few things. We have been told that if is not working out, that we can just bring him to the school for his therapy. Which is a comforting thing to know that we have the different options with the whole school situation at 3.

       Plunging into buying a house. This has been the most exciting and stressful thing ever. It is contract for deed and have been living here since December 2012, and just not got to sign the contract. There are so many things that I want to do to the different rooms in the house. I have to admit that I have a honey-do-list….. The thing to that though is all he really needs to do is go out and buy the items for me to do the honey-do-list. I am hoping to post my progress though out the work, lets just see how well that goes. I think one of the most frustrating thing is that we have his mom living here to help pay for some of the stuff till our credit is good enough to go to the bank and get a loan. She is staying in a room that is huge, and at the other end of the house. The only thing that we have to share is the main bathroom and the kitchen, which is not really bad. It is just her almost constant bitching, if I ever had to give out advice about mother-in-laws living with you that advice is DO NOT DO IT!!!!! Even though it is helpful in our situation it is getting to the point that it is not worth it. I feel like she is trying to be my mom too…… we have to tell her where we are going and what we are doing ALL THE FUCKING TIME! It is rather annoying, and being able to parent is like non-existent. She over steps all of the time and it is not her place to, he is my child, he lives in my house, and she is just the grandparent. Also her extensive talking about random shit makes me think that she THINKS she knows about this that and the other. She is not a doctor (because my kid is rubbing his ears does not mean he has an ear infection, he’s only had 2 in his life)(because he is coughing, she says it sounds like there is fluid in his lungs it might be bronchitis he needs the dr…….. ooooop its just allergies!) That is just the beginning; it goes on about the house, therapy, disciplining my child, to cooking, and cleaning. It is like really just shut the fuck up already! When it comes to her I keep my mouth shut because I do not want to hurt her feelings, but sometimes I just cannot hold it in and blow up lol.

       In light of things this was a nice rant, I cannot wait to get things started on this house that I want to, we lit it up blue for Mr. Maxwell, we are buying a house, school is going good and a little man will be starting school here in the fall. Overall life is good, we are happy and enjoying it the best that we can. The thing that I have noticed that a lot of people forget, it is the little things in life that brings us joy. I remember last month Max ran outside our yard was a huge puddle, I was annoyed then I sat back and remembered that he has never played in a puddle and he was having fun. It was a mess to clean up but still, it is the little things to make the little one happy.

I think that I should change the name of my blog!

There has been A LOT!!!!! That has happened since I had last posted on here. I must once again admit that I am horrible at keeping a blog, and honestly should probably give it up. Well on November 27th, 2012 we got the official diagnosis of Mr. Max being autistic. They rated him moderate to severe. Lets just simply say that we knew, but when the Dr. told us officially it hit me like a punch in the gut! There is so much that we need to learn for his sake so that we can protect him. The main thing that I was told was to treat him like a normal child, but that is hard when he is virtually non verbal and cannot do most things that other children his age can do. With that said I have been on many different sites, reading this and that; slowly learning things here and there.

Did you know that autistic children have a higher chance of having seizures???? I did not know that, so now that I do I have to know what to do and how to do things if they happen.

Did you know that an autistic child can do somethings that normal children cannot do (for example work a smartphone)? That is because they will learn something that they really like and enjoy. On our phones we have a page set up just for him he knows how to unlock the phones and the swipes to get to his page. He also knows how to exit the apps to get to a different one.

His new favorite app is Talking Tom2 when the dog pops the bag and the cat jumps up. He thinks that it is the funniest thing ever.

There are many apps on the android market that benefit him somehow…. I will get to a list at a later date on what we have…. I would like to know what apps you have found for your toddlers.

On a final note, for my final project I am going to do something that has to do with autism and my child… Hope that what I have in my head actually works out.