Q & A With Missy Norman Of Missy Norman Photography

Q. What are your career goals for Photography?

My goals are to have my own business, selling stock images, and have my work in a magazine. Since I am a commercial/advertisement photographer, I feel that my career goals are reasonable.

Q. What are top 3 knowledge/top 3 skills for Photographer position?A photographer must know virtually all skills when it comes to photography. The top skills that I would have to say would be the camera, the light, and post processing.

Q. What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your work flow.

Post processing is on the top of the list when it comes to shooting, if not more. When it comes to post processing I mainly use Lightroom. Depending on the work I will go and work in Photoshop. My workflow:

  • Export images from memory card onto my external drive.
  • Import images from my external to Lightroom then keyword.
  • Cull through the images getting rid of the definite not, then another go through again.
  • After a couple rounds of getting rid of images, I pick to top images.
  • I then start editing the top images in Lightroom, if something needs more work than light room I take it to Photoshop.
  • Finally when all editing is done I take to Photoshop to watermark and resize the image for the internet.

As a photographer we must….

     As a photographer, mom, and student my life is insanely hectic!!! Just the mom part will make that one happen.  So I beg to ask these few questions. I have asked before and to no avail has one of them been answered. I think I am to my point of begging….  Okay, not yet to the point of begging, but I am truly curious.

     How do you carry your camera with your purse? (I of course have my huge purse, but it’s got toys and every thing under the sun in it.) I don’t want to carry my purse and then my camera bag with my camera and lenses in it with the random odds and ins…


     Okay on the topic of camera bags, what is your absolute favorite? This is for the girls I don’t want something that screams I’m a camera bag steal me!!! At the same time has room for purse items??

     Now I ask because currently I always leave my camera at home because I don’t want to carry my camera bag and purse.  When I am put and about I refuse to leave it in the car even if the car is locked.  You never know what will happen.


My “studio”

We all have one, well most of us do.  I know mine isn’t big or fancy. However it is so dysfunctional for the most part it isn’t funny.  I need to re organize it.  I really don’t shoot people, my work is mainly tabletop. Though I am looking at building my collection to make that leap for when I want to work with people. So ladies and gentlemen I am revealing my little space.





I would love suggestions on improvements, and I would love to see your spaces.