Catching Up

Coming out of June with all of the photo a day challenges. Sadly I did not get to partake in those challenges. I so wish that I was able to partake in them. The back issue that I am having, I would not wish on any photographer. I want to be able to hold my camera again, I want to be able to shoot and make props again. My equipment is sitting here and getting super lonely, it may hit a depression state here soon. Lets hope I can suck it up and manage to use it for a quick product shoot here soon.

So during the month of June I started vaping pretty much full time. Every once in a while I will smoke a cigarette, there is something about that five minutes of pure chemicals that can be relaxing. Thankfully it is not often and it is amazing when I do not smoke, I just need to stop having those moments of weakness.

We got a new swimming pool in June as well, Mr. M is in total love with it. We are in the pool every day as long as it is not raining and storming. Some days we are in upwards to four hours. How amazing is that he is Autistic and learning to swim. It has been a long time coming. In two days of swimming he can swim under the water. It melts my heart that he can do that, I am so proud of him. So much I cannot express. The water feels amazing to me as well, I am weightless and my back is not hurting as much. Floating is totally amazing.

Everything is pretty much going amazing and home life is getting back to simplicity. We have been looking into homesteading and becoming self sufficient. We are slowly getting there. I can say that it is rather amazing. I wish that this year we would have been able to start our garden and using that to supplement a lot of our food, but next year that will happen. We already have eliminated a lot of paper waste by switching to family cloth, reusable menstrual pads and tampons. We have cloth napkins now as well. I have no idea what is next for us on moving to the self sustaining life.


Godzilla Light Painting.

Here is how this one goes. I have this kiddo that is super OBSESSED with Godzilla! Piratically everything that comes out of his mouth is about Godzilla, if he is not talking about the characters, he is making the noises, if he is not making the noises, he is watching YouTube videos of them. To the people that have Godzilla videos up, you can thank my kiddo for your millions of views. So with him in mind, I thought  I would create some art for him and his room… Who wouldn’t love art done by their mom, especially if the art is SO FREAKING COOL?!?!?! So these are for my amazing autistic kiddo Mr. M

Shooting for Christmas

I wills say Mr. M is developing a huge personality. It is truly amazing. So I forgot to send out Christmas cards this year. I then thought I need to hurry up and get a Christmas image, so I could make an online card for everyone. This was one of the most fun and hardest images to get and do. The famous child in front of the Christmas tree. It is becoming Iconic and I just had to try it for once. So I did, but I put two different kinds of work into it. I did the Christmas tree image, and at the same time I did the child sitting and reading a book with the light glowing on his face. It turned out beautiful. I made it magical.  With the book I made reindeer come out of it. It was rough and I think amazing for my first try. _DSC0108-Edit

Now putting this on here it looks noisy.

Mr. M and a Composite

Composites are an ever learning process. There is just something about doing them that you constantly learn from. I have done a fair share of them. In each one I continue to get better and better. I have to say it is about the practice when it comes to the composites. It is easy to destroy the image. Adding in can make it or break it. For this image, I had a look I was going for then I lost the look I was going for. I then had to come up with something else and started brain storming again on what I wanted to achieve with the composite, with this precious curious child. I then found it. This image compiled together speaks so many things of his for curiousness. wood-forest-stack-stacked

Picture Day

The dreaded picture day happened at school again this year. For some reason the school does not learn and they continue  to use Lifetouch. The images come out blurry and soft. Maybe that is the photog in me? Maybe not? I am not sure if there have been other non photographers that have noticed it or not. It bugs the living daylights out of me. Then there is the fact that the school wants you to go ahead and buy the images before hand. You do not know what you are going to get in those photos. Are you going to get food on the face? Marker on the shirt? a funky smile? Glue in the hair? YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW! Yet they want you to go ahead and buy them blindly. I went ahead and took Mr. M’s photos before I sent him off to school. Mr. M

Feel free to check out the rest of the images from his shoot on my fan page: MissyNormanPhotography

It has been busy!

It has so hard to keep up with myself let alone with my family.  I have even let my work slide a bit.  With everything going on I think that I can. Right?

So here is my update: I went to the derm.  Full melanoma, and I will be having surgery on that spot or area in the beginning of October. Then they will do scans and body checks for more. 

Back xray: Clear
Back MRI: Herniated discs, bulging discs, a torn disc and one sitting on my s1 root nerve.  How’s them apples? Insane right?  I never thought in my right mind I round r rt have that kind of back problem.  However I go to physical therapy two to three times a week.  The awesome part about it is…..  I am in a swimming pool. 

Among all of this Mr. M has started back to school and he has hated the transition. He also hated his teacher at first.  I am still not fond of her.