Q & A With Missy Norman of Missy Norman Photography

Q. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

This is one of the biggest questions ever. I have so many favorites. If I had to give an actual list that would be easier. However one of my favorite works made me fall in love with light painting. I ended up teaching myself how to light paint and for the most part mastered it. This image is music escaping.



Light Painting Time Again!

It has been a while since I have done any light painting. I truly miss it. With this light painting, I did Halloween props that I got on sale. I also used a texture with the background. I think that the image came out beautifully. _DSC0103.jpg

Jewelry Sneak Peaks.

I have been working with this amazing woman. She is a seller on Esty, she makes jewelry. She has ventured out to have me shoot her jewelry. This is now the third set I have shot for her. It is such an amazing experience working for and with her. I get to come up with new shooting ideas and think outside the box and I get to rattle her box as well. I would say not the typical employee/employer experience. That is what we get for being out own CREATIVE BOSSES!

Her work is unique to her. Some say it is the same and you can find it anywhere. I have to say that is far from the truth. You cannot, she makes it and it is her designs and each piece is made by her. I sometimes have to wait a while for a piece that she wants me to shoot because she has to make it. That is the beautiful thing about handcrafted jewelry. No two pieces are exact.

Her shop can be found here: Toad’s Lily Pond

My fan page can be found here: MissyNormanPhotography

_DSC0019 _DSC0045 _DSC0060 _DSC0247 _DSC0341

Before and Afters!

This is going to be the first post of before and after. This post belongs with the previous beverage post. I am still reeling about how well that shoot went. I cannot wait for the feedback that I will recieve on those images. I had the idea of what I wanted to do for the images, then I went hunting on Pinterest for a little more push for inspiration. Upon scrolling through the massive amounts of pins, I found what I wanted. Before and After 1

Before and After 2

Before and After 3

Before and After 4

A Beverage Shoot!



_DSC0200This was an amazingly fun shoot today! These beverage images are going to be part of my portfolio. It is amazing how the cream was mixing with the coffee and ice. The thing I did for my cream was use melted ice cream with a little bit of milk. I do have to say you have to improvise if you do not have actual cream on hand.

FORCE… Something I don’t want to do.

My mind has been full of all this creativity.  I was planning on doing a blog today about a new background I am working on with materials I had around the house. However something has been said that Peter Griffin says grinds my gears overcomes the need for my creativity.

I welcome all ideas from people, however, because you associate with me it does not mean you all of a sudden become a creative. It does not mean that you are a photographer.  It does not mean that you know my work and how I work.  It does not mean you know what will work as a prop and so on.  With that said I still appreciate the ideas.  Some of the ideas are good however some are actually bad and they will not work.

Now what grinds my gears…..
It is not like I am not trying here.  I am I really really am.  I am still in school. I put my work out there.  I have my Facebook fan page, my blog, and my website. I even have my work on three different stock sites. It does get discouraging when my work is not being bought.

It is assumed that I am able to force out images. I mean as a general photographer yes they pump out images. I can too when it comes to working with people.  However that is not my speciality. I cannot force creativity.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Finished Images

  As all have seen I got creative last night with items on hand and made props for Valentine’s Day. My finished product is amazing in my eyes.  However I may be biased due to it is my son.  He was so ready to come this morning up bright and early!!! I however just wanted to sleep. 


  The image is edited with a preset cslled velvet butter, it is for Lightroom from The Coffeeshop Blog . I did some tweaking to it as well.

Check Coffeeshop Blog for her amazing presets! She regularly updates.
To see more of the images from this set hop over to my Facebook page Missy Norman photography