August Photo a Day




Even though this blog is in a different language the images are inspiring and I want to do some images like them.

Levitation is something that is awe amazing when it comes to photographey. It is something that I have always wanted to do with my work. I think that it would be amazing to achieve for me.

Godzilla Light Painting.

Here is how this one goes. I have this kiddo that is super OBSESSED with Godzilla! Piratically everything that comes out of his mouth is about Godzilla, if he is not talking about the characters, he is making the noises, if he is not making the noises, he is watching YouTube videos of them. To the people that have Godzilla videos up, you can thank my kiddo for your millions of views. So with him in mind, I thought  I would create some art for him and his room… Who wouldn’t love art done by their mom, especially if the art is SO FREAKING COOL?!?!?! So these are for my amazing autistic kiddo Mr. M

DIY Tutu in ACTION!!!!

I finally put the tutu that I made into action today.  Along with my amazing savage seamless background and the DIY  floor that I made. I have to sachet I am really loving this making my own props thing. It’s really amazing and makes the soul feel good.  After doing the shoot I had an idea of how I wanted my images to look.  After a while finally I achieved the look I was going for.  So drumroll……..


This is my absolute favorite ^^^^^





In these images I love the barefeet, skin tattoo, pale pink.  Just everything. When in reality…..  That tutu was bright orange.

My Recreation of Abelardo Morell’s Dictionary

A Worn Dictionary With A PastFor my assignment I had to recreate a piece of work on one of the artists that I was researching. The photographer that I picked was Abelardo Morell. The image was Dictionary 1994. The book above is a dictionary that I own that was given to me by my grandfather. I have had it for many years. This book holds personal value to me. It was such a challange trying to recreate this image. I know that I was not even close.

Abelardo Morell is a new inspiration to me, I am in absloutly in love with his book series. I want to do more with books. I have yet the heart to destroy my personal books for any projects, so I must go and buy some second hand. If you would like to view his work this is his site:

You will be SERIOUSLY impressed! He is an amazing photographer.