August Photo a Day



A Wonderful Site……With FREEBIES!

So there is a wonderful site that I check out regularly. This site shows the how to achieve the look that they did in the images with their edits. I am a big lightroom user, so I love the many different freebies that they make and share for lightroom and photoshop. The CoffeeShop blog is an amazing for the new to photoshop or lightroom users, even the advanced users. I would say that I fully fully fully recommend this site for usage.

CoffeeShop Blog

Her work is amazing, I highly recommend to check her work out.

Q & A With Missy Norman of Missy Norman Photography

Q. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

This is one of the biggest questions ever. I have so many favorites. If I had to give an actual list that would be easier. However one of my favorite works made me fall in love with light painting. I ended up teaching myself how to light paint and for the most part mastered it. This image is music escaping.


Godzilla Light Painting.

Here is how this one goes. I have this kiddo that is super OBSESSED with Godzilla! Piratically everything that comes out of his mouth is about Godzilla, if he is not talking about the characters, he is making the noises, if he is not making the noises, he is watching YouTube videos of them. To the people that have Godzilla videos up, you can thank my kiddo for your millions of views. So with him in mind, I thought  I would create some art for him and his room… Who wouldn’t love art done by their mom, especially if the art is SO FREAKING COOL?!?!?! So these are for my amazing autistic kiddo Mr. M

Light Painting Time Again!

It has been a while since I have done any light painting. I truly miss it. With this light painting, I did Halloween props that I got on sale. I also used a texture with the background. I think that the image came out beautifully. _DSC0103.jpg

Mr. M and a Composite

Composites are an ever learning process. There is just something about doing them that you constantly learn from. I have done a fair share of them. In each one I continue to get better and better. I have to say it is about the practice when it comes to the composites. It is easy to destroy the image. Adding in can make it or break it. For this image, I had a look I was going for then I lost the look I was going for. I then had to come up with something else and started brain storming again on what I wanted to achieve with the composite, with this precious curious child. I then found it. This image compiled together speaks so many things of his for curiousness. wood-forest-stack-stacked

Picture Day

The dreaded picture day happened at school again this year. For some reason the school does not learn and they continue  to use Lifetouch. The images come out blurry and soft. Maybe that is the photog in me? Maybe not? I am not sure if there have been other non photographers that have noticed it or not. It bugs the living daylights out of me. Then there is the fact that the school wants you to go ahead and buy the images before hand. You do not know what you are going to get in those photos. Are you going to get food on the face? Marker on the shirt? a funky smile? Glue in the hair? YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW! Yet they want you to go ahead and buy them blindly. I went ahead and took Mr. M’s photos before I sent him off to school. Mr. M

Feel free to check out the rest of the images from his shoot on my fan page: MissyNormanPhotography