Q & A With Missy Norman of Missy Norman Photography

Q. When you go in one of your travels, what all you take with you? Why?

Traveling, oh this is a good one. I have been dying to cover this question in a blog. When it comes to my bag, the things that are always in it would be my camera body, three lenses, two hoods, and two batteries. Depending on what I go to shoot would help me define the extras. Another thing that I do not leave with is my smartphone.

I have learned that in the winter to make sure I have gloves in my bag, in the summer a bottle of water and bug spray.

Q. Whose work has influenced you most?

People that have influenced me would be:

  1. Philippe Halsman
  2. Abeldro Morell
  3. Sue Bryce
  4. Steve Bronstein
  5. Meg Bittion

All of these photographers have strived for more and have achieved it, when it comes to their work it is so different from each other, but they have each mastered their craft. Different aspects of their work have influenced me in mine, down from ideas to post production.

Q. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

I have learned that it is hard to choose a favorite image when it comes to my work. If I have them printed or shared or blogged, the images are my favorite. If I have to choose my absolute favorite comes down to a light painting with headphones and an iPod that I have done. In doing this image, I learned how to light paint, create art with light painting, and my undying passion for light painting. This work has opened a whole new world for me.


Q & A With Missy Norman Of Missy Norman Photography

Q. What are your career goals for Photography?

My goals are to have my own business, selling stock images, and have my work in a magazine. Since I am a commercial/advertisement photographer, I feel that my career goals are reasonable.

Q. What are top 3 knowledge/top 3 skills for Photographer position?A photographer must know virtually all skills when it comes to photography. The top skills that I would have to say would be the camera, the light, and post processing.

Q. What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your work flow.

Post processing is on the top of the list when it comes to shooting, if not more. When it comes to post processing I mainly use Lightroom. Depending on the work I will go and work in Photoshop. My workflow:

  • Export images from memory card onto my external drive.
  • Import images from my external to Lightroom then keyword.
  • Cull through the images getting rid of the definite not, then another go through again.
  • After a couple rounds of getting rid of images, I pick to top images.
  • I then start editing the top images in Lightroom, if something needs more work than light room I take it to Photoshop.
  • Finally when all editing is done I take to Photoshop to watermark and resize the image for the internet.

Skin, Cancer, Removal, More? Pain…..

The title says it all. I do have to say that I have not been very open on my public Facebook for all to see about this. I do not want the pity, the OH GOD I AM SO SORRY, the fake I am here for yous. There are only a few who mean it. I figured out I share here because there is like literally no one reads my blog lol.


Yesterday I went in and had the first spot removed got stitches on the inside and on the outside. Thankfully they numbed the area, but they did not numb so well I still felt it a bit. I tried to tell them. I kind of feel like a sewn up gutted fish. So I am glad that it was on my back. As I still have to run the house I pose a huge risk of ripping these damn stitches. YAY ME! I feel the pulls in most of the movements, the bending, moving my arms, and such. Why does it have to be in such an awkward place?! I’ll live,  I think I need to throw my own pity party right now while I sit here in annoying pain. They said oh take Tylenol you will be okay, it will not hurt bad. I am sitting here thinking you just cut me open gutted me, stitched inside and out. It is not going to hurt bad? That makes literally no sense in my mind. Does it yours?

Of course word gets around quick. My father calls. I talk to him for a few minutes tell him about all of it, he even tells me they should have given something more than take Tylenol for at least a couple days after. I talk to him about how I might change doctors because I feel disconnected with mine. If you have ever felt that with a doctor you will understand if not I hope you never do. Its like they do not care and you are just dismissed. I found out that since I do not need to be in the sun, that I should be taking Vitamin D supplements from a friend, FROM A FRIEND! not my Dr. Not the person that is supposed to be looking after me. This friend even is in the sun and does not get enough, so imaging my lack there of. How insane is that?

In two weeks I get stitches removed, and more results read. Then in two months I get my first body check.