FORCE… Something I don’t want to do.

My mind has been full of all this creativity.  I was planning on doing a blog today about a new background I am working on with materials I had around the house. However something has been said that Peter Griffin says grinds my gears overcomes the need for my creativity.

I welcome all ideas from people, however, because you associate with me it does not mean you all of a sudden become a creative. It does not mean that you are a photographer.  It does not mean that you know my work and how I work.  It does not mean you know what will work as a prop and so on.  With that said I still appreciate the ideas.  Some of the ideas are good however some are actually bad and they will not work.

Now what grinds my gears…..
It is not like I am not trying here.  I am I really really am.  I am still in school. I put my work out there.  I have my Facebook fan page, my blog, and my website. I even have my work on three different stock sites. It does get discouraging when my work is not being bought.

It is assumed that I am able to force out images. I mean as a general photographer yes they pump out images. I can too when it comes to working with people.  However that is not my speciality. I cannot force creativity.



It is totally heartbreaking when ones images get stolen.  They were watermarked and everything.  Well not everything.  The person pulled them off of Facebook and removed my logo. I obviously had it in the worst spot possible.

With that said u have mixed emotions last night.  I had thoughts of removing my Facebook page. Then I realized I was proud of my work. I did not want to take it down.  I then came up with the conclusion that I would implement my new watermark and make sure my images were a a lower resolution.

In that thought I removed most of the images that were deemed super stealable and quite frankly saleable. I went into Lightroom added my new logo right smack to the middle of my image and exported the image at a low resolution.

My Facebook page now has images uploaded into albums!!! So it is better organized.  Thank God! It was such a mess before.  I swear this time when an image gets taken they will have one heck of a time removing this logo.  I do feel bad that it is right smack there in your face, but I can now see who and why the people that do it.  The ones that  have not had images stolen just do not understand and hopefully will not have to. In any case hopefully they will not complain too bad that the watermark is there for a reason and understand why..