Finding Myself and Describing it for My Work!

It has been a long road in my recent class! However I am grateful for it and will be missing it when it is over. It is Portfolio Exploration, I love this class and wish that it is longer. Here in the recent weeks I have learned so much about branding, identity, and what I want to and should be doing with my work. At first I was going to be a generalist. Now I am going to be going towards the commercial and advertisement work. I am extremely happy with that decision and the push from my instructor. I will forever be grateful for what she has shown me.

Now with the most recent assignment, it is about marketing and self promotion materials. I have found so many things that I want to work with in that aspect. I will have to compile everything and find what I like the best. There are so many ways to self promote.

Do any of you have any tried and true ideas for self promotion?

Simplicity at its Best


Since my portraiture class is finally over, I get to have my black background back. YAY!!!!! Oh how I have missed that background. I have come to the conclusion that I really need two. I love my light painting so much I was going through withdrawls. It was horrible! Now that I have it back I am happier than ever. With that said I have been light painting like crazy. I can be in that pitch black room with some music and a flash light for hours. I lose track of time when I am light painting. My zen.

A Portrait of a Child

A Portrait of a Child

This is an image that I took for my final in Portraiture. I have to say that I actually enjoyed that class. With this image I used christmas lights behind the white background. I also went with a different editing style than my normal. It came out pretty well. My little model is not the biggest fan of sitting still long enough for me to get a good session in, however I can mangage to get something here and there. This is one of my favorites of Mr. Max.